Inorganics and Waste Management

As part of the program of innovation we have formed a partnership with Castle Environmental Services to improve our deliverable service to industry.

Inorganic coagulants

We have developed recycling routes of supplies of industrial materials to produce products suitable for wastewater treatment, these include customised products enhanced by synthetic coagulants.

Acids and Alkalies

For waste treatment there are grades of Hydrochloric acid and caustic soda available for pH control or neutralisation.

Waste Management

For many plants there will be waste streams (caustic and acid or other) that are normally collected by waste collection companies as part of a separate service. Our vehicles can now deliver product to you and collect waste materials for disposal as part of an integrated service.

This means a more environmentally friendly service as we use our fleet both ways.

We believe that we will be the most cost-effective supplier in the industry and we are capable of delivering the technical service that industry requires for optimal evaluation of product.